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My baby boy! :) {

My baby boy! :)

This pic was taken while on the jeepney - on my way to Porac :) {

This pic was taken while on the jeepney - on my way to Porac :)

At Pulung Bulu while I was buying pandesal for breakfast. {

At Pulung Bulu while I was buying pandesal for breakfast.

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I always hang out at the library during my spare time at school. I’m currently reading this book of Jane Austen entitled "Pride and Prejudice" in my sis' kindle. I admit this type of book is sometimes hard to comprehend because it's composed of old English language. I myself sometimes read the sentences twice or thrice to understand the real meaning of its context.

I watched the movie version first before reading to book to create an image on what do the characters looks like or what is their role on the story. I found the movie really beautiful. I loved it (the 2005 version of Knightley and Macfadyen). I was more encouraged by the movie to read its book version - which was written by Jane Austen - one of the most famous writer in the history. I am nearly finish reading the book version and I can say that  it is worth my time and the “eye ache” i felt when I am reading. So I definitely reccomend to you guys to watch and read “Pride and Prejudice”.


3/10 Television Shows → The Vampire Diaries.

My new obsession :)



TVD 2x12 “The Descent”

Tyler: “Hey. Where have you been?”
Caroline: “Uh, school. What’s up? What do you want?”
Tyler: “We need to talk.”
Caroline: “Why? What’s wrong with you?”
Tyler: “I just don’t understand one thing.”
Caroline: “What?”
Tyler: “Why would you risk it? If a werewolf bite kills a vampire… Why would you risk it?”
Caroline: “Because you needed help.”
Tyler: “I could have killed you.”
Caroline: “But you didn’t.”
Tyler: “I don’t understand you, Caroline.”
Caroline: “Why is it so hard for you to let someone else help you?”
Tyler: “Well, that’s not it.”
Caroline: “Yeah, it is, Tyler. It’s like yo— you don’t want anyone to care about you. And, I’m sorry, I care. I care, Tyler, so forgive me if I overstep my boundaries by actually giving a— Oh! You can’t do that.”
Tyler: “I’m sorry. It’s—”
Caroline: “Everyone just needs to stop kissing me!”

Ownmade couple pouches ;) {

Ownmade couple pouches ;)


Classes is still suspended for tomorrow.

… Good thing I came home already. Walang magawa sa dorm, and nakakatakot din kapag mag-isa. Wala nanaman pasok bukas. Sana hanggang Friday na din para makapagpahinga. Kaso nadedelay naman mga dapat gawin sa school. Hay :( Sana tumigil na yung ulan, super baha na rin kasi sa ibang lugar eh, kawawa naman yung mga naapektuhan ng bahay. Anyway, let’s just use this opportunity to rest. Stay at home with our love ones and pray for the Habagat victims.

Non-stop rainfall because of Southwest monsoon.

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Take these chances, to turn it around. Just take these chances we’ll make it somehow. Just turn it around. Oh how can you do it? I never saw it coming. I need to end things, so why can’t you stay just long enough to explain? Take your time. Take my time.


We are who we are :)